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ILEP (France) - Centre for Flexible Learning ( Sweden) - Cooperativa Lotta Contro l’Emarginazione Coop (Italy) - CORIF (France) - RoSa (Belgium) - Universitât Flensburg (Germany) - Experts


ILEP is a training organization which promotes equal access for everyone to further education. Since 1974, ILEP provides training and qualification to a large public (young people, unemployed adults, workers) in different fields: Administrative and third service area, network and electronic training, communication and management qualification, basic skills…


In thirty years, Ilep has developed competencies in training development.

Since 2008, Ilep provides a group of low qualified salaried employees, training courses aimed on improvement of key competencies. Some of those employees work as educational assistants in primary and secondary schools in Lille.

Role in the project

ILEP takes over different roles within the project. It ensures the financial coordination and monitoring in close collaboration with CORIF. It also takes part in all partnership activities in all work packages. Ilep is responsible for mobilizing, coordinating and ensuring that resources are shared between partners. It compiles and submits the documentary research to all partners and participates to the development and the formalization of new training materials. Ilep organises the first transnational plenary session in Lille.

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Ilep staff working on the Pages project are:

Brigitte Kaiser holds Master Degrees in social psychology and management.From 1988 she participated to the developement of the "Centres de Bilian de Competences" in France and was head of this center in Lille. Since then she has devoloped adult training programs at ILEP. She has coordinated among others an Equal project, action II and III, gathering 11 partners during the period of 2002 to 2007. The project focused on permanent education for vulnerable target groups. Equal access for everyone and prevention against discrimination were two major aspects of the programm.




Centre for Flexible Learning
Centre for Flexible Learning, is the centre for all types of adult and distance education in the municipality of Söderhamn a coastal city in the middle part of Sweden. CFL offers flexible learning for individuals, such as basic adult education, post 16 courses, health care education, Swedish for immigrants (SFI), adult education for the mentally challenged, advanced vocational training (KY), learning at the work place (YAP), commissioned training and university courses in co-operation with different univeristies and colleges.

Swedish version of PAGES Newsletter 1 - pdf


working on the Pages project are:

Aanette Ramstrand
- has a university degree as Teacher of Physical Education
- has a university degree as Language Teacher in English, French and German.
- has worked for 32 years as teacher, first as PE teacher and then as language teacher
- is currently working half-time as language teacher in adult education and half-time as project leader in European and Swedish-African projects.
- has a special interest in communication, languages, education and human rights.


Gunilla Nauwerck Stefansson

- has a university degree as preschool teacher and primary school teacher for grades 1-7, with language and culture specialisation.
- has studied the Swedish language and literary science at university level
- has worked as preschool teacher, teacher for special needs groups and also taught Swedish for immigrants.
- works currently with Swedish as a second language for pupils in grades 1-9 in compulsory school.
- is very much interested in reading and two of her papers at Mittuniversitetet are about parents' attitudes to their own reading as well as that or their children.
- is studying at the Program for Special Pedagogy at the University of Stockholm.



The Co-operative Lotta contro l’Emarginazione grew out of the social commitment of a group of citizens living in the Parpagliona neighbourhood in the town of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). Since 1980, cooperative designs and manages social interventions and services for the physically and mentally disabled, for young people in difficult situations, for drug addicts, AIDS patients, foreign migrants and THB victims in sexual exploitation and forced labour. The Co-operative is engaged in community and network projects, manages first aid social services, works in the schools, has its own staff engaged in on the road street units, i.e. in direct contact within the young, for the prevention of youth’s distress and harm reduction, manages day centres for social aggregation.

On behalf or the Region Lombardia and of a number of hits Municipalities, the Co-operative designs and runs training classes and courses for social workers and trainers, both working in the public and private sectors.

Italian version of the PAGES website.


working on the Pages project are:


Elena Iannizzi

Graduated in Education.

Master in "Policies for equal opportunities between men and women".
Member of "Committee for equal opportunities" - Sesto San Giovanni city, since 2007.
She works in Cooperativa Lotta Contro l'Emarginazione since 1999. She has always worked in the schools with students, teachers and parents. She worked in several project against sex stereotypes with young people, women and men.
She is member of “Da donna a donna” (in english” from woman to woman”) association since 2003; now she is working in a project against violence on women, especially domestic violence.


Sonia Bella

Graduated in modern literature major in pedagogy.
Master in adults educational training. She works in Bicocca University - Educational faculty as educational supervisor of students stages and as assistant lecturer in social pedagogy.

She has participated in several researches on equal opportunies and she worked in several project against sex stereotypes with young people, women and men.
She works in Cooperativa Lotta Contro l'Emarginazione since 1990. She has always worked in the schools with students, teachers and parents.

Lisa Brambilla

Graduated in Education.

She has worked in Cooperativa Lotta Contro l'Emarginazione since 2001. She has always worked in the schools with students, teachers and parents. She has worked in several project against sex stereotypes with young people, women and men. She worked in project against traffic of human beings and sexual-working exploitations.
She is founder and member of “Zaghridì” since 2007, association composed by Italian and migrant women; She works in Bicocca University - Educational faculty as assistant lecturer in social pedagogy.


CORIF is an association which aims at promoting equality between women and men, including equal work.


The CORIF works with :

  • Women and young adults and develops professional guidance free from gender stereotypes.
  • Professionals who work in the field of adult education, employment, social inclusion, vocational guidance and supports initiatives that promote equality or diversity ...
  • Boys and girls in schools and develops activities to promote equal relationships between girls and boys and to deconstruct gender stereotypes

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Corif staff working on the Pages project are:


My name is Véronique Cochard. I have worked for over twenty years on gender issues and the subject fascinates me. In CORIF, my time is distributed between research on the subject and work with different audiences, employment professionals or trainers , women, teenagers.. .

There are three reasons why I am delighted to be involved in this project:

* Firstly, I am very interested in education and teaching and I am curious to know what exists elsewhere, to learn new ways of doing, enrich myself with contacts of others persons involved in the project.
* Secondly, this project will give me the opportunity to work with other groups and audience that I do not know.
* Finally, I find it very interesting to have actions aimed at low-skilled parents. This project will contribute to restore their image of themselves as first educators of their children. It's also a project about self confidence.


My name is Michele Préfaut. I have worked for the CORIF for the past twenty years and I am very interested in issues of gender, orientation, social sex roles ... In CORIF, I am responsible for overall project coordination, evaluation and management. I am also involved in projects with women and guidance and training professionals .

The interest of the project:
CORIF has many reasons to get involved in this project. it will allow us to expand our competencies by working on the deconstruction of gender stereotypes in education. Previously we have worked with young audiences or adults. I think the various researches and actions we have already done will be very useful for the project.

I will personnally be involved
in the project at two levels : firstly I will work on the disign of the toolkit and secondly I will be responsible for the quality workpackages.


RoSa is a Library, Documentation Centre and Archives on Feminism, Equal Opportunities and Gender. Situated in Brussels, Belgium, RoSa documentationcentre has been THE address in Flanders for information and documentation on women since 1978.

If you are a member of a women's movement, a student, an investigator or simply interested in feminism, equal opportunities and women's studies in Belgium or any other country, RoSa is the right place to find information.

Gender in kinderboeken: RoSa's adaptation of the PAGES project

RoSa Library

The RoSa library is accessible to everybody. Even if you can't come to the RoSa Documentation Centre, you can use our online catalogue to make a relevant bibliography. Our search system has been designed to the needs of Women's Studies. The classified keyword catalogue, based on the Women's Thesaurus garantees an useful result. Use the thesaurus to find the most relevant keywords (in dutch, english or french) for your subject!

RoSa online

RoSa documentationcentre aims to inform the broad public about genderrelated topics. To this end, RoSa maintains several website for specific target groups. is our main site. We provide facts and figures about current gender topics, outline women's history en assemble a daily international press coverage on women. A small part of the site is also available in english or french.

The following websites are only available in dutch.

EHBF – First aid for feminists aka RoSa for youngsters.Check your F.I.Q. (Feminist Intelligence Quotient), take the edge off feminist clichés or unravel the basic concepts of feminism.

The Pink Side of RoSa : A focus on famous lesbians through the ages, LGBT-related books, articles and magazines, key publications in lesbian literature and some lesbo-spotting.

Alleenstaande Ouders: Practical information for single parents on diverse topics

Gender in de Blender: Information for people who struggle with their gender identity and for professionals working with transgender people. A fully developed and useful teaching package can be downloaded.

Citytrips: A historical walk trough Brussels or Paris from a feminist perspective.

Gender in kinderboeken: RoSa's adaptation of the PAGES project


RoSa staff working on the Pages project are:

Chris Zwaenepoel

Master in Industrial Psychology
Chris Zwaenepoel is director of RoSa. She also runs the Flemish House for Equal Opportunities, which is a meeting place for national and international diversity experts and where, amongst other organisations, the RoSa Library is situated. She works from the start (1977) in RoSa Documentation Centre and has participated in several European gender-related projects e.a. women & politics, women's studies, intersectionality, media-work-politicians etc.

Mieke Maerten

Mieke Maerten is a staff member of RoSa Documentation Centre.She has been involved in a wide range of projects, providing input from a gender perspective. In recent years Mieke has been focussing on Gender in Education.  Providing training materials for teachers, looking at ways to incorporate  gender in the curriculum and giving workshops for teachers.


University of Flensburg

The University of Flensburg is located in the very north of Germany close to the Danish border. Until 1994 the university was a college of education in which mostly teacher-training took part. Today the university hosts about 4000 students from all over Germany and from foreign countries. Teacher-training is still a focus in Flensburg, but there are different other courses of studies, like International Management, Energy- and Environmental Management and Culture - Language - Media. Beyond that the University of Flensburg is cooperating with the University of Southern Denmark in different study courses. More information about the university can be found here:


working on the Pages project are:

Helga Andresen

Helga Andresen is a professor of linguistics and mother tongue education at the University of Flensburg, Germany, since 1988. Her research focuses on language development (mainly preschool children), written language acquisition, language awareness and language didactics. more...


Astrid Schmidt

Astrid Schmidt is working as a research assistant at the University of Flensburg, Germany, since 2006 and is doing her PhD. Her research focuses on role play acquisition, narrative acquisition and language improvement for preschool children.



Sylvie Cromer

Sylvie Cromer is sociologist at the University of Lille 2.
She has a wide experience in European research projects in the field of gender issue. She has developed an expertise on the issue of violence against women (including sexual harassment). She has conducted research on gender social-representations through cultural media such as children's literature, magazines, school textbooks, young audience’s shows…
Since 2004, she is scientific co-director of the International Network for Research on gender representations in school textbooks (RIRSS) with Carole Brugeilles (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre) and Therese Locoh (INED).
Feminist activist, she participated in the European Association against Violence against Women at Work (AVFT). She co-founded with Adela Turin the association "Du Côté des filles – On girls’ side".
She is a member of the governing board of the Regional Association for the Integration of Women (CORIF) and the Association preparing the Women's Foundation for the Mediterranean Region (APFFM).

Martha Franken

Director (emerita) and Coordinator for International Equal Opportunities Policies in the Staff Services of the Flemish Government, Equal Opportunities Unit in Flanders, Belgium. She set up the Equal Opportunities Unit within the Flemish Authority between 1996 and 2005, and pioneered for the development of Flemish Equal Opportunities Policy in the administration. Martha was a member of the CDEG (Steering Committee for Equality between Women and Men of the Council of Europe) (1996 - 2009) and of its bureau (2005 - 2008), an advisory member of the AOIFE Council (2003 - 2009) and co-coordinator of working group 3A (The Societal Impact of Women's Studies) of the Athena network (2003 - 2009). She works in the field of creative coaching as a policymaker and feminist.


Magda Michielsens

Prof. Magda Michielsens is a former professor in Women’s Studies. At the University of Antwerp she professor, Director of the Postgraduate Degree in Women’s Studies and Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies. In September 2007 the Degree in Women’s Studies at the University of Antwerp was abolished. Since then she continues doing research as an independent researcher for the research bureau MOH